Out There

Winter Solstice
21st June 1997

Hi Michele

Tomorrow is the summer solstice here so the Winter solstice will be Sunday I suppose. Celtic rituals? Well, bring evergreens indoors and light lots and lots of candles. The first candle lit should be a big one to burn through the longest night of the year, and it should be lit by the youngest person there. All offerings should be dedicated to the sun god and aimed to bring him back into the sky. The candles should be yellow or gold. I'm afraid you'll have to ask my bro' for details on circle dances of empowerment. I hope you have a lovely time, I'll be thinking of you as I watch the sunset at about 11.00pm tomorrow night, it's always magical.

Lots of Love,
Ona Holiday
20 June 1997

I spent my solstice doing a final review of thoughts devoted to days past when things were simple and love was forever.

Now I have put those days behind me and look forward to when things are simple and love is forever.

Love your page.

6 July 1997


How did you spend the solstice?

Let me know and I will include it here.



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